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Emma Sawyer is a production artist working in the Animation industry. She received her BFA in Animation from the School of Visual Arts in 2022. Her thesis film, Parallels at Hand was ranked #1 amongst the graduating class of 2022, and was a part of SVA’s Thesis Films Best of 2022 screening in Hollywood California. 


Emma has previous experience at Augenblick Studios, and Titmouse working as a part of their design teams for a handful of Adult Swim original series. She has also worked with QIE Media and Toonami to animate two upcoming ID's for the network. 


In her off time, she continues to upkeep her personal project, Ascension of Elements. Writing, illustrating, and producing animations tied to its original world and story. 

For any business-related inquiries please feel free to fill out the form below or email

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