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Darkness Arises When Light Shines Too Brightly

A History of Friction

A lingering conflict persists upon this rich and prospective land. That of light and shadow. One, filled with its upholding of a false nobility. The other, scorned from its motherland and exiled to isolation. Can barriers be broken to amend disparities? Or will the world be consequentially dipped into darkness with its inhabitants reduced to a featureless body.

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A Diverse World of Elemental Magic

Five unique races populate the world of Vita. Each categorized by a distinct elemental essence, one that culminates in their anatomy and flourishes into their identity. Essence imparts specific features, abilities and perspectives to each individual. From air to sea, each group possesses their own territory, cultural practices, ideologies, and internal struggles. Learn more about each community below.

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Ascension of Elements is a solo in-development fantasy world and novel. It has slowly been building in detail for the last five years and is comprised of original artwork, writing, and animations.

Click here learn more about the creative process behind Ascension of Elements.

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Stay Updated

Ascension of Elements is constantly being added to and developed further. To stay updated on Ascension of Elements follow the story's production on social media here.

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