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Elemental beings of Light, the Dex are regarded as the most powerful race of any known elemental being. Their monumental cities of marble and quartz encroach across the mountainous region they inhabit. They shine as spirits thought to be closer to gods than mortals. The Dexian cultural symbol is a vertical diamond, a simplified shape depicting a star. 

Dex Anatomy

Dex are essentially living stars. Their internal bodies are comprised of pure energy, while their exterior is a projected facade of their own creation. These forms can be altered at will as determined by the individual Dex. Although it is common that they choose to stick towards a form that is recognizable and comfortable, small changes like beauty marks, hair length, and body height can usher in a new personal period for a Dex. 

Scars and damages to a Dex's physical form can leave permanent markings. Cuts to a Dex's physical form will have them bleed a glowing white substance, and will take time and energy to treat their wounds. 

Dex Power

Dex power comes directly from their internal forms and is a manipulation of their own energy. However, this potent and pure force comes at a cost. Over exertion can lead to Dex becoming fatigued and weak where they will need to rest, eat, and relax. 

Dex are capable of manipulating light to create visual illusions. They can give mass to light to create barriers, weapons, and structures. Telekinesis by way of light manipulation is also possible, as well as making things glow, and changing an object's color. The limit of the Dexian power is currently unknown, as there are still many advancements and discoveries being made by way of their Universities and Mages.

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Most of the population can only perform certain necessary tasks with their powers, usually ones that relate to their professions.​ Soldiers, Light Mages, nobles, and royalty can almost fully utilize their powers. 

For sport, and exercise, Dex participate in sparring sessions. By adolescence Dex are taught to use their powers as a means of personal defense. This carries through any Dexian household regardless of status. The methods of defense chosen can vary from family to family. Some approaches are even passed down through the generations of a house.

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Light Mages​

The Light Mages are an elite organization garnered by the Dexian government. They are put in place to protect the city and are comprised of specially trained citizens born in the capital city of Divus Lautus. 

From their indoctrination into the program trainee light mages are put through a rigorous set of challenges and requirements. They learn of the cultural significance of what they are protecting, and understand how to utilize the abilities they are born with to their full potential. In-depth courses from combat strategy, to field knowledge are apart of the Light Mage education. From start to finish their training period spans close to a decade where the final stage is to receive the final tile of Light Mage. Superiors to that are Arch Mage, and Divinus Arch Mages. 

It is seen as a great honor to become a Light Mage in Dexian society. They are held to a separate standard, and are provided with more privileges than a city guard or even castle guard. ​

Light Mages are only accepted into the program if they are born of noble status, or show promise in their abilities from an early age. Light Mages will eventually retire after a certain amount of service time has been achieved. 

Light Mages and the Clergy

One of the foundational reasons as to why the Light Mages were originally organized were to create a force strong enough to physically protect the knowledge and historical resources within the capital city of Divus Lautus. Clergy members are similar to light mages in terms of ability, if not surpassing their skills. They undergo their own level of training over a similar period of time compared to that of a Light Mage. However where Light Mages learn to use their skills for defense and combat scenarios, priests and priestesses of the Clergy learn to utilize their powers to strengthen Dexian knowledge of their abilities, and experimental practices. They are a combination of scholars and ordained members of status recognized by the Dexian race specifically so.  

Dexian Weapons

Light Mages can channel their abilities from their physical form, like any Dex can, or through a channeling weapon of choice. These items usually contain some type of channeling crystal. Channeling crystals are stones mined and refined through special purification processes. These crystals amplify and direct Dexian energy in a variety of ways. 

Each channeling weapon has its own unique flow of power and can be utilized in a plethora of dynamic situations. Double-Headed Channeling Staffs are used for the firing of precise beams and projectiles. A staff with a singular channeling stone would more be utilized for shielding and barrier abilities, as it can be forced into the ground directly to effect a specific area. 

Crystal Runes

Dexian runes are small trinkets used for everything from messages, to fortune and outcome determination, to projection. They can attune to certain Dexian abilities and spells to extend a Dex’s skill to a more powerful and physical space. There are 25 individual and unique rune symbols, each one corresponding to a written letter of the Dex alphabet. These symbols correspond to the written language that is found in Dexian tomes, scrolls, and documentation.

Dex Government

The Dex are ruled under a system of Monarchy with an elected parliament as an additional serving governmental body. The royal legacy has been passed down for over a hundred generations and has no foreseeable stopping point. Currently, Queen Kellyn Ival de Chordus Lucidus-Astrum currently holds the responsibility of managing the Dex nation and its people. Her older sister, Charloette Eris de Prim Lucidus-Astrum, wished to handle the cultural preservation of the Dex in place of her service as monarch. She abdicated her ascension to occupy the role as Arch Priestess of the Dexian Church. 

Kellyn ascended to the throne shortly after her father's death. A tumultuous ruler, guided by fear and resentment towards his brother. Over years he edged himself closer to utter insanity, making rash and self-serving decisions instead of prioritizing for a better future. Kellyn sees her father’s legacy as not just a mark on her family, and an assumption of herself, but as an example to strive to do better. However, in the back of her mind she fears how her father’s mental illness could potentially manifest inside of her, how the stress of her goal could push her over the edge, and what failing might mean for her race and own future.  

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Dex Culture

The Dexian Culture is one of grace and refinement. They are usually quite reserved and somewhat repressed when it comes to expressing honesty and emotion. It is expected for a Dex to fit in with cultural norms, and represent themselves with a precise level of dignity. Over time, these practices have manifested themselves into supporting and heightening the Dexian ego. Their monocultural landscape and international isolation has also encouraged an aura of superiority. Although the Dex may believe themselves to be gods, in reality they are still as fragile as any mortal being. 

Dexian Territory

The Dexian Nation sprawls out many miles across one of the more steep regions of the continent. Their capital city: Divus Lautus is positioned amongst a shelter of grey stone peaks known as the Angelus Mountains. Other established cities like Stellanhurst, and Lux Priory reside in the valleys created by these mountains.


Architecture created by the Dex feature building facades of intricate decoration and display the classical dexian motif of the diamond. Details are sometimes carved into the surface of the building itself or constructed from carved materials and applied to the walls. Structures are comprised of materials ranging from quartz to reinforced marble. Some roofs are made out of prismatic crystal to let light into buildings. These roofs reflect rainbows across the cities. Pennant flags are commonly seen flying from atop towers. 


Dexian Goods


Crystals are a large resource to the Dex and serve many purposes. Some crystals emit light as a substitute for lamps. Others generate heat in place of fire for hearths and stoves. Crystals take much longer to burn out that conventional candles, and can be reused by reinvigorating them with enchantments. However, they are much more expensive and costly to acquire in the mines of the Dexian territory. Some crystals can be artificially created with spells, although these are cheaper and easier to produce they are of lower quality.

Dandelion Wine

Dandelion wine is a favorable drink among Dexian natives. The sweet and ample taste make for a great companion to brunches and late nightcaps. Dex usually prefer sweeter and more light beverages than robust alcohol. Since energy is a key component of sustenance to a Dex sugar, and caffenation make large appearances in their diet.

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Teas and Pastries

Tea and small foods are served immediately as a Dex wakes up. No skipping breakfast here, for Dex need to keep their energy up constantly to utilize their abilities. Dex usually prefer sweeter and more light beverages than robust alcohol. Since energy is a key component of sustenance to a Dex sugar, and caffenation make large appearances in their diet.

Prismatic Perfumes

Perfumes are a common cosmetic. Some perfumes have been enchanted with minimal effects in addition to their scent. Some provide a colored aura to the Dex displaying a representation of their emotional state. Some perfumes are applied as liquid and administer a light shimmer to the body. Other perfumes emit strong aroma’s that have a similar effect to caffeine.

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