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Oacians are creatures embodying the element of water. A race of loyalty and meticulous perfection, Oacians can be an abrasive group. Usually sticking to their own kind and pushing away anything different.

Oacian Anatomy

Oacian are amphibious creatures, meaning they can traverse, and survive both terrestrially and aquatically. Oacians spend most of their time in water, and some are unaware that they can even survive above water. When an Oacian is out of water, their tail splits down the center and melts away to reveal a set of legs. Legs will align with the length of the Oacian’s tail, and their previous fins will become a proper covering for the parts of their anatomy that are to be kept private. These legs will retain the same scales present on the rest of the Oacian’s body. However they will be closer in color and size to that of an Oacian’s torso or forearm. Tail scales are sometimes larger and patterned differently. They will also appear different in color to that of the rest of the body. Oacians do have toes, and toenails. Nails are made of the same material as their scales.


Oacian skin retains a set amount of moisture as a regulator for their body functions. This also means that their skin has a damp and even wet feel to it at all times. Depending on build, Oacians have a set amount of time before they need to return to water. If an Oacian dries out it can cause them to be very weak, uncomfortable, and vulnerable to diseases and even injury. Dry skin can lead to cracked, or breaking off scales which is painful and reveals sensitive flesh underneath. Oacians do not need to be fully submerged in water to retain moisture, water can be applied to the skin like a cream. Ingesting water internally will help with this process somewhat as it aids in the production of moisture on the skin, however external application is best, especially when the skin is drying out. Gills also need to be moistened, but this works mostly through ingesting water or products that contain a high percentage of water. Oacians always travel in some form of water.

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Oacian Power

As water elementals Oacians powers work to employ water to do their bidding. Oacians can manipulate water to use as weapons, heal one another, keep themselves cool or for cleaning. Oacians can draw water out of objects, and can increase water pressure and force at will. They can locate water by instinct and are drawn to it as a result.

Oacian Government

The Oacians are ruled over by one sole body: Queen Merline Lympha po Saevus. She rules with an iron fist, purposely isolating the Oacian people because of her personal bias towards the other nations inhabiting the continent above her waters. 

The Oacian people see her as their one shining example and as such they act as she sets forth. They are extremely vain, as is their queen, and have egos so large that they can no longer be contained by the ocean of insecurity they reside in. They are deceptive, and only look towards increasing their level of personal gain from any situation. 

However Oacian loyalty is unfaltering with an immeasurable passion for their country and their people. 

Oacian Territory

Oacians inhabit their own region of ocean. These habitats must have a minimum depth of 100 feet of open water. Oacian homes come in abstract shapes. Some habitat carved out coral reefs, others find homes build from local available resources. Some home may feature a prominent garden of sea life. Large windows denote a family of high status and affluence.


Their capital city, Crythpool, is primarily placed in a large area on the seafloor, but parts of it lie at higher and lower depths of the ocean. There is a land faring trade entrance on a small island close to the shore.

Oacians are allowed above water within regulated water coves for some time in the sun, and to stretch their legs. ​Leaving these coves and permitted area, or trying to leave the Oacian cities without permission will mean a lifetime banishment, or in some cases, a full blown search and retrieval. Other kingdoms will usually not take an Oacian refugee in to avoid political conflict. 

Oacian House Condensed F3.jpg
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Oacian Culture

Maidens of the Water

Oacian religious practices involve daily prayer at sacred sites. Maidens of the Water upkeep these sites by offering lily and lotus blossoms to the water. Their hands are anointed with holy oils before handling the blooms. Offerings are provided at shrines for good fortune.


Oacians are pescatarian their diet primarily consisting of sea plants and shellfish. Salads, sea spices, and other local produce are commonly seen occuring at an Oacian table. Sea salads are a regular companion to any Oacian meal. As a side or a main course they are always served first. There is also a very lucrative restaurant industry within their society as being served food is seen as a level of status and importance rather than cooking food yourself.


Food must be cleaned properly. To feed someone unclean food is a severe insult. Oacian's absolutely hate disease and getting sick since their society is so self contained. 

Lotus Blossoms

Lotus blossoms are one of the cultural symbols of the Oacian people. They represent prosperity, peace, and loyalty. The specific variety of flowers that grow in Oacian cities are known as Mahkmal Lotus’ and grow both in the water and close to water on muddy soil and wet banks of land. They don’t require the growth of a leaf or a pad to survive and can most commonly be found as flowers ranging from 2” to as large as 8” in diameter. They come in a range of colors from pink, cream, to lavender. Mahkmal Lotus buds can be eaten cooked and are usually boiled for a fragrant and sweet tasting

experience. Their pollen is what provides them with their dim glow and can be separated and used as its own form of seasoning. Smaller Mahkmal Lotus blossoms are also commonly used as garnish or a side dish. Their layers of petals can also be stuffed with savory pastes for a new dish altogether.

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Oacian Goods


Sea spices are used in many Oacian foods. They can range from umami to sweet tastes and add a bit of flair to a very vegetation-based diet.

Oacian Handmade Goods

Shrine Spoons

Shrine spoons are used for pouring blessed oils on Oacian’s hands during rituals. This anointment is performed by priests and maidens of the waters.

Scale Picks and Nail Files and Hairbrushes

Scales can pick up many debris, or just outright itch sometimes. Scale picks are a good solution for personal cleanliness and comfort. Oacian women usually like to keep their nails long as a representation of femininity and grace. Male Oacians also tend to have longer nails, up to a half inch than a short cut nail. Files help to sharpen, shape, and maintain nails. Hairbrushes are essential tools for grooming. Oacians can use them for their hair as well as their fins and areas of their tail that need a quick clean. Brushes come in all shapes and sizes for these purposes and a good once over with a brush will keep an Oacian feeling refreshed and comfortable.

Oil Diffusion Lamp

Diffusion lamps make appearances in the corners of many Oacian homesteads. The emit light and give off perfumes that seep into the nearby water. These serums calm the surrounding area, can moisturize skin, and give off pleasurable scents.

Scallop Coin Wallet

On the Ocean floor, there is no shortage of spare shells. This coin wallet was created from a repurposed scallop shell. This one was painted pink for a cleaner presentation and refitted with gold clasp decorations.

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