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Among their tree brethren, the elusive earth elemental race of Varsyllus populate wooded areas. Varsyllus are gentle, quiet and intellectual creatures. They believe in living in a decisive and peaceful environment. And wish to be seen as a wholly independent society from the other kingdoms. To be Varsyllus is to only require yourself. 

Varsyllus Anatomy

Varsyllus are plant and tree based creatures. They share an innate connection with all flora and soil itself. Varsyllus cannot be without light for too long as they require it as a natural part of their body functions. Their skin has a leafy texture and can rage from brittle to waxy. When cut or damaged, they bleed a substance similar to aloe vera. Water drips easily off their skin, allowing them to do well during rainy seasons. 

Varsyllus eyes are large and do not contain an iris or a pupil. Just like their veins they too glow under low light and provide the Varsyllus the ability to see in the dark. This helps considering the majority of their territory lies beneath large trees and creates a lot of shade.

Veins are a Varsyllus’ primary form of anatomical marking. Veins span the length of a Varsyllus’ body and can be found from head to toe. Each marking pattern is different and unique from one Varsyllus to another. Patterns can diversify in terms of shape, thickness of veins, placement, and frequency. Facial markings are the most noticeable and will usually congregate around certain anatomical features. These being: upper lips, chins, brows, and cheeks. Varsyllian veins are a physical manifestation of their essence as part of their anatomy, and are a connection between their body and soul. Varsyllian veins will glow when under low light, as will their eyes, and both will usually share a similar hue.

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Varsyllus Power

Varsyllus have many abilities, and they have spent years perfecting and studying how far their skills can be translated and how powerful they can become. Varsyllus can heal, manipulate plant growth, camouflage themselves, and perform enchantments, hexes and incantations, and are masters at potion brewing. Some Varsyllus can also summon roots, and vines. Others sometimes have defensive poison mechanisms.

Varsyllus Government

Varsyllus government and structure relies on various branches of council members. All of which are located in the central capital of Osveria. A high council of four represent each branch and those who work underneath them. These branches are described as follows: Economic, Civil, Diplomatic, and Cultural.


Economic handles both interior economic situations and exterior ones. For clarification, ones within Osveria and ones concerning outside trade deals with other kingdoms. This branch looks closely at the distribution of goods from various Varsyllian distributors.


Civil handles all matters concerning that of the general population. Anything related to crimes, liberties, and rights. As well as some infrastructure and general care for the people.

Diplomatic handles all outside relations between Osveria and the other four nations. This can include, public relations and presentation of the country. As well as various meetings concerning representatives between different Varsyllian settlements.

The Cultural branch handles the preservation of Varsyllus culture and knowledge. As one of the most archival oriented races, the Varsyllus have mass amounts of information at their disposal. Including cures for various diseases, spells, concoctions, and more useful and life saving methods. This information is wholly invaluable and must be kept safe and secure. 


Because of their government specifically consisting of such a large population of members, decision making is not quick. It is a characteristic of Varsyllus to weigh options as carefully and meaningfully as possible. They will eventually come to the most favorable and logical outcome, no matter how long it takes.

Varsyllus Territory

Varsyllus inhabit territories of large forests. They keep themselves secluded between the trees and use the fertile lands of these areas as a foundation for their agriculture, animal husbandry, and other produced goods. 

Varsyllus build structures out of everything from clay, wood, stone, and soil. Their focus on natural materials allows for easy camouflage and a lack of scrap material.

Some settlements even go underground beneath the roots of their gargantuan trees. Libraries, schools, and areas of importance are all specially carved out. Tree roots hang from the ceilings of these structures and Varsyllus hang lights and lanterns from them. A bioluminescent vine called Haiya Dedoku or the "Fingers of Enlightenment" also naturally grows within these dim areas. 

Walking and hiking trails are another feature of the forested landscape. Varsyllian nomads know these paths the most and you can even hire a local one to guide you in pre-determined routes of prayer or beautiful sights. 

Wildflowers make large appearances in the territories of the Varsyllus and are used for everything from pigments, to herbal remedies and even as sources of nutrition.

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Varsyllian Culture

Sacrificial Practices and Natural Resources

Varsyllus use natural materials as the basis of their manufacturing of goods. They justify this usage by means of displaying that nothing is to go to waste to honor the sacrifice of the world around them. After a plant is destroyed, an animal killed or a tree outside of their network felled a Varsyllus will pray over the corpse of the entity and thank it for its sacrifice to them.


"We recognize that you have been silenced from this realm, and we thank you for the continued life that you provide from your death."


Some prayers are longer depending on the importance and greatness of the sacrifice. Composting is another important practice amongst the Varsyllus and are stored in specific compost houses. The civic branch handles this waste management and redistributes the composted material back to the land of the people. This is why Varsyllian soil is rich and fertile year round.


Varsyllus are also judgemental of other races for their waste, and "abuse" of natural materials. They find it to be an oversight and unprincipled way of handling the relationship between themselves and the world around them.

Ability Scholarship

Enchantment Runes are an offshoot of the Varsyllian scholar language of Evros. Evros is a language used to catalogue and encrypt information regarding any and everything from magical incantations to potion recipes and even healing

practices. Evros Idik is the specific name for the markings that are placed on items for enchantment purposes. Runes, and by extension, rune characters can vary from simplistic to highly detailed to align with the spell they represent. Spells are commonly used for general protection, safety from the elements, and to ward off evil. Varsyllus Shepards use Idik runes as a means of herding and directing their flocks. As well as protection on their journeys as they participate in their Nomadic lifestyle. When a Varsyllus dies, as a ritual they are painted with Idik runes to aid in their transition to their second state of life.


Varsyllians have their own system of language for their various texts and written research. Described to be the language called Evros, this form of communication is written only and not verbal, to keep it limited and private for those who are studying these texts. Additionally, it is indecipherable to any other race, since it is only taught in special educational classes within the capital city of Osveria. 

Consisting of different characters Evros symbols are boxy and intricate. Each section of the character is created by one stroke, multiple sections presented in each character indicate different sounds or meanings. Certain characters can translate to sounds and others to whole words or even sentences. These symbols have a limit of 4 pieces, meaning one small section can not exceed that number. Evros is read vertically: top to bottom

Prayer and Spiritualism

The Varsyllian people are spiritual individuals. They see themselves as conjoined but somewhat separated from the natural world in their bipedal phase of life. Thus they respect their surroundings to the utmost extent. Whenever a Varsyllus takes from the natural world they preform a minor prayer ritual in thanks and sacrifice. This can be administered in a variety of ways from minor chants to prostration and mediation. The degree is usually dependent on what is being taken, how much of it, and whether it was previously alive, plant, animal, or a natural resource. When a Varsyllus house is built a monk comes to provide their blessing and to absolve the structure from its origins. Sometimes runes are administers onto the structure as another element. Prayers are also painted onto weapons and hands as an easy blessing for the resource.

Corpse Painting and Funerals

When a Varsyllus dies they are ritually planted in their home soil, so that they can begin their next cycle of reincarnation. These bodies are ceremoniously painted with square markings and runes, sometimes for protection, absolution, or as a way to highlight what made them unique in their first life. Paint is comprised of natural pigments, and colors that contrast with the skin are chosen.

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Varsyllian Produced Goods

Animal Products

As hunters of the forest, and farmers by practice Varsyllus have plentiful animal based resources. Leather products, venison, and furs are all easily collected and common traded amongst Varsyllus. 

Herbs and Agriculture

One of the most skilled races when it comes to farming, Varsyllus have advanced knowledge of how to work the land of their territory. They have perfected methods of enchantment so their soil is nutrient rich and hearty. Their meticulously designed schedules for watering and harvesting also promote healthy growing seasons. 

Varsyllian Handmade Goods


On their off time Varsyllus love to play card games. Their four card suits are based off of the four branches of council. Each have their own symbol to represent them. Cards are made of paper material that is coated for rigidity and tolerance from play. Some card sets are even enchanted to know when someone is cheating. Games usually consist from simple pick-up and put-down games to more strategy oriented layouts, and some betting games.

Book Binding

Books and reading are essential to the Varsyllus, not just for entertainment but for primarily collecting information for educational enrichment. Varsyllus love to learn and expand their knowledge of a variety of topics. Book binding is a common skill to learn early on and many Varsyllus construct and decorate their own tomes and journals for a range of uses. Some can include metal, leather, and dyed paper details.


Scrolls in addition to books are another form of informational collection. However, they will usually contain more consolidated piece of information and are sometimes limited to artistic works such a philosophical monologues, poetry, or shorter works like spells.


Lanterns are constructed from specially produced translucent paper, as well as a carved wood frame. They provide soft light and cast geometric shadows.


As earth elementals the Varsyllus utilize many resources from the ground around them. Clay is one of those resources. Varsyllus turn clay into many different crafted products but one of the more common ones is clay beads. Beads are used for many kinds of adornment from charms to jewelry to household hand-me-downs of familial significance. Beads are usually dried, carved, and painted with various adornments of varying degrees.


In addition to their bead crafting, Varsyllus also use clay to manufacture pots. Pot carving is a past time and a skill taught early. It’s used as a way for children to learn patience and to attune with the workmanship of their people. Pots and all clay works are cured through a process using enchanted basalt stones that are foraged within Varsyllian territories.


The propagation of herbs make for a useful resource in a Varsyllian kitchen. It is also a spiritual practice denoting the patience, upkeep, and effort of upholding and creating life. Plants provide Varsyllus with a sense of peace, fulfillment and connection to their world. Keeping plants in the home is a sign of a blessed household. However, glassware is not so easily crafted in Varsyllian territory as usable resources for the product are hard to come by and refine through regular and sustainable means. Varsyllus get around this limitation by enchanting pottery to appear see-through.

Mortar and Pestle

Since locally grown herbs and spices make large appearances in Varsyllian spiritual practices, diets, and magical practices mortar and pestles are a common tool. The instruments are carved directly from stone and some are engraved with Evros runes for potency, and yield enchantments.

Natural Pigments

Natural pigments are collected and used for a variety of crafted goods. From everything from paint to dyeing textiles, to pottery glazes and paper coloring. They are usually expertly refined by a local artisan and purchased at Varsyllian marketplaces.


Stamps are used in tandem with naturally pigmented inks as a way to substitute calligraphy and properly document manuscripts and parchments. Some stamps are also used as a quick substitute for a signature.

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